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AAA COIN wallet


Missing coins?

  1. Check the explorer for your missing coins.
  2. Make sure your wallet is fully synched (look at the bottom of your wallet - if there is a progress bar, it’s still synching)
  3. Please view this video kindly made by our good patron Filipe Donato.

 Doesn’t sync?

The first time you start your wallet, it will take a day or more to sync all of the blockchain. Keep the wallet and computer running until it syncs fully.

If you are upgrading from the old version of the wallet to this new version, please make sure to remove the .conf file from the wallet directory on your computer as the .conf file is no longer necessary.

How do I fix a slow wallet?

Your wallet can become slow when you have lots of transactions stored in your wallet.
You can fix this by re-downloading the blockchain and and by performing a rescan.

Use the following instructions to fix your slow wallet.

Note: make a backup of the entire folder “%appdata%/aaacoin”.
1) Re-download the blockchain.
1.1) Stop your wallet.
1.2) Make a backup of the folder “%appdata%/aaacoin”.
1.3) Remove everything in the folder “%appdata%/aaacoin” except wallet.dat.
1.4) Start your wallet.

Your wallet will download the complete blockchain, this might take a while.

2) Perform a rescan.
2.1) Stop your wallet.
2.2) Start your wallet with the parameter -rescan.

E.G. aaacoin-qt.exe -rescan

2.3) Start your wallet.

Your wallet will check every transaction stored in your wallet, this might take a while.

How do I fix the error “out-of-sync”?

The error message “x hours behind” or “out-of-sync” is triggered when the last block is mined longer ago than the block time of your coin.

E.G. Blocktime : 10 minutes, last block mined 30 minutes ago.

This message will disappear when the first or next block is mined.

Experiencing discrepancy in the amount of coin in your wallet?

  1. open command promot
  2. go to the wallet directory
  3. run this command: aaacoin-qt.exe -reindex