How AAA COIN is different

There are many altcoins popping up monthly. Spoken as “Triple A”, AAA COIN is very different from the rest of them in two very distinct ways:

  1. It makes men rich. The coin is designed to produce an annual return of 100% on staked coins, which roughly translates to 0.3% per day, through a process called Proof of Stake (PoS). This is described below.
  2. It gives good karma. To balance the greedy design of the AAA Coin, net profits from the initial coin offering (ICO) will go towards charity curing terminal diseases that affect a significant portion of adults – prostate cancer for men and ovarian cancer for women.

What PoS / minting is

PoS or Proof of Stake is a viable and modern alternative to PoW or Proof of Work system. Bitcoin is known for PoW where it costs over $1,000 in just electricity costs to generate 1 coin + capital expenditures on expensive computers with graphical processing units (GPU).

AAA COIN is designed to use an alternative to PoW, which is PoS. It doesn’t require expensive computers with GPUs; a standard PC or laptop with your regular CPU is needed.

How to mint your own coin

  1. You download AAA COIN wallet (currently available for Windows and Linux computers only)
  2. Buy coin on CREX24  and transfer coin to your hardware wallet
  3. You run the wallet 24/7. By keeping the wallet running with coins in it, it automatically stakes the coins and multiplies at about 0.3% daily or 100% annually on your stakes coins. Just imagine opening a chequing account with 100% annual interest!
  4. Trade and speculate coin on
  5. CREX24

What’s in the name AAA

Three reasons went into naming the coin AAA:

  1. It appears first in the alphabetic order ?
  2. Usually rating agencies give three-letter ratings like AAA to highest-performing quality assets like stocks, bonds, or country debts
  3. Surprisingly, nobody claimed that name before!

Why decided to start

Because who will if not me???

Proceeds to charity

To counter the make men rich theme, I decided to inject some good karma in the mix. Net profits from ICO will go to charities supporting prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. Why those cancers? Because they affect 7-13% adults over age 40. In other words, there is surely somebody you know at work or in your neighbourhood who is affected by this terrible disease. It’s XXI century and it is time it gets eradicated once and for all!