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AAA COIN wallet


Doesn’t sync?

You may need to add nodes manually. To do so

Note: make a backup of the entire folder “%appdata%/aaacoin”.
1) Go to %appdata%/aaacoin folder
1.1) Create aaacoin.conf plain text file there using Notepad or other plain text editor
1.2) Add these three lines in the file:


Save file

1.3) Start your wallet.

How do I fix a slow wallet?

Your wallet can become slow when you have lots of transactions stored in your wallet.
You can fix this by re-downloading the blockchain and and by performing a rescan.

Use the following instructions to fix your slow wallet.

Note: make a backup of the entire folder “%appdata%/aaacoin”.
1) Re-download the blockchain.
1.1) Stop your wallet.
1.2) Make a backup of the folder “%appdata%/aaacoin”.
1.3) Remove everything in the folder “%appdata%/aaacoin” except wallet.dat.
1.4) Start your wallet.

Your wallet will download the complete blockchain, this might take a while.

2) Perform a rescan.
2.1) Stop your wallet.
2.2) Start your wallet with the parameter -rescan.

E.G. aaacoin-qt.exe -rescan

2.3) Start your wallet.

Your wallet will check every transaction stored in your wallet, this might take a while.

How do I fix the error “out-of-sync”?

The error message “x hours behind” or “out-of-sync” is triggered when the last block is mined longer ago than the block time of your coin.

E.G. Blocktime : 10 minutes, last block mined 30 minutes ago.

This message will disappear when the first or next block is mined.